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Q: When do you update?

A: Usually once a week. Currently I don't have a specific day... just whenever I get pages done. :)

Q: Link exchange?

A: Usually. Send me an e-mail with your comic and I'll check it out. :) Keep in mind, I may say no if I feel your comic is too mature. If you think it's mature, still e-mail me. If I really like it I will put the link up. XD

Q: Do you do art trades/collabs/requests?

A: Trades - If I like your art. Collabs - If you're my friend. :D Requests - Usually not.

Q: Commissions?

A: Um... I'd love to. E-mail me and we can talk about it! :D

Q: How do you do your comic?

A: Photoshop. I worship it. *_* I have a wacom tablet which I use too. I used to ink traditionally (the first few pages of chapter one are done that way) but it doesn't have an undo botton! T_T A lot of times I'll sketch the pages out on paper, scan them, and then ink and tone them in photoshop. I get my tones mostly from here: http://psychobob.xepher.net/screentonez/ and make a few of my own. :) I make all the paterns myself in photoshop now, mostly.

Q: Can I draw you fanart?

A: YES! YES! YES! DRAW ME SOME! @_____@ NOW!! ...I mean... if you really want to you can... uh...

Q: Who the heck are you?

A: Go to the "About" page and you can see. :P

Q: OMG!! IS IT YAOI?!! +____+

A: Eheheh...^^;; Er, well, I don't actually like yaoi. Sorry. There's a gazillion bl comics out there, so when you want yaoi, read those. But please don't give up on ED just 'cuz Jiro isn't gay... D':

Q: Will you ever publish this?

A: I would love to...+_+ I'm kind of obsessive and stubborn, so maybe if I put my mind to it, I shall get it published someday! XD; Although I don't know if it's quite publishing material... it needs a lot of work. XD;

Any more questions? Send me an e-mail and I'll put it up here. :)

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