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May 20th, 2007, 9:24 pm


Hmm... Y'know those days when you know you should do something, but sitting staring into space and drooling just seems like so much more fun? No? Oh. Me neither. <<

I'm sorry. I meant to finish up a page last minute tonight, but I just... didn't. ;_; So here's a filler. Just playing around with making comic pages. XD Also, I'm going on hiatus till June 10th. I HATE GOING ON HIATUS. D< ...but I really feel I have to. I can get a lot of pages done, that way I don't miss updates as much, and I can finish other projects I'm working on. Oh yeah, I'll also be away this weekend! :D YAY!

Ooooh, but when I come back, besides lots of new pages (hopefully) I'll finally post the other fanart contest entries! <3

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