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Name: Melchior

Age: Unknown (appears in his early 20s)

Appearance: Blond wavy/curly hair, sky-blue eyes

Bio: At the begining of the story, Melchior is found wondering around alone in the rain. When the Silverwoods find him, he tells them nothing of his past. Much of him is still a mystery. His personality, seems overall, kind. He's a bit on the quiet side, and often very serious.

Name: Ivy Silverwood

Age: 17

Appearance: Straight auburn hair usually in a braid, golden-brown eyes, fair skin

Bio: Ivy is imaginitive, impulsive, and cheerful. She tries to be responsible and take care of her siblings since their mother passed away, but she usually only succeeds in burning dinner, or breaking things when she cleans the house (unless she makes Ren do it).

Name: Jiro Silverwood

Age: 19

Appearance: Tall, shoulder legnth dark brown hair, green eyes

Bio: At first glance, Jiro might appear a big fat grouch. Well, okay, maybe he *is*. He tries his best to remain silent and broody, but usually ends up blowing up at Ivy or being scared to death by one of Ren's pranks. Inside, Jiro really does care for his siblings, and feels responsible for whatever happens to them. He's happiest when he's alone in his room reading, or studying old maps.

Name: Ren Silverwood

Age: 12

Appearance: Short, light brown (sometimes appears dark blond) hair, brown eyes

Bio: He really enjoys picking on his siblings, eating, playing around, and just being a kid. Even though he can often be quite annoying, he has a sweet heart. He can't stand to see tears.

Name: Kryven

Age: Unknown (appears to be in his mid 20s)

Appearance: Dark red hair, eyepatch, one bright green eye

Bio: As with Melchior, much of Kryven's background still remains a mystery. He often talks to himself(mostly nonsense), and has a tendency to abruptly erupt into crazed tantrums, throwing and breaking whatever is in reach. He also seems to find the strangest things entertaining. Despite these oddities, Kryven may not be as truly crazy as he seems...

More characters will be added when they appear in the comic...

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