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About the story:

Synopsis: Welcome to Exiled Dreams... When Jiro Silverwood, a young half-elf, decides to take a walk one rainy evening, he is surprised to find what appears to be an unconscious elf. Shortly after the elf regains consciousness, strange things begin to happen, pulling Jiro and his siblings into a series of events that would change their lives. Many secrets begin to unravel, as friendships form, bonds brake, and vengeance is taken.

Rating: Exiled Dreams is rated Teen...kind of bordering on Older Teen for several reasons (violence, and mild language).

About the Author:

Name: Charlotte Vevers (aka Sharly)

Age: 16

Appearance: Adorable...8D LAWL SRSLY

Bio: Sharly is the writer and artist of Exiled Dreams. She's pretty awesome~ ;D

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